Traction Avant Rear Suspension Rebuild

Another Reasonably straightforward job (for James anyway).

January 2017 - Just over 4 years into the 'Rolling Restoration' and the last main mechanical job to be done on the 52 Traction Avant is the rear suspension 'silentblocs'.

The 'Silentblocs' are basically rubber bushes bonded to metal sleeves which are pressed into housings and help to smooth out the actions of the Torsion Bars which act as the suspension springs.

Now there is no way to visibly inspect the condition of them when fitted to the car (unlike those on the front suspension) but if the rest of the bushes on the panhard rod etc. are perished then it's possible the silentblocs are as well. However there is one tell tale sign there is an issue. If you jack the car in the centre 1 of the trailing arms may drop down further than the other.

Some specialist tools are needed for the work so once again James Geddes at Traction Repairs is doing the work.

The process is explained in 'Operation 128' of the original Citroen Repair Manual (mine does) which does include diagrams and details of the special tooling required but often real life pictures help to make more sense of what is needed (and workshop manuals never expect you to have any problems removing parts!)

To replace the actual silentblocs the rear axle trailing arms need to come out, be stripped down, checked, cleaned and the 'silentblocs', rubber bushing and anything else needs to be replaced. I opted to buy new height adjusters, nuts and retaining clips as well to speed up the work. However as the rear s