Further Restoration on the 1952 Traction Avant

Other Planned (and Unforeseen) Restoration works....

Once the interior was completed it was finally time to see if everything worked correctly..... The electrics for the indicators and front lights had to be sorted out as there were some strange issues.

Traction Avant Body ShellsLooking at the wiring it became apparent that due to age and vibration on the wiring loom (plus previous work on the car which removed all the rubber grommets leaving cables to rub on metal edges) it meant replacing the temperamental, decidedly French, 'clockwork' indicator switch and re-wiring the front end of the car, which involved repairs to the original harness where possible, the running of separate lines for the indicators and creating new looms from the engine bay junction boxes (which also required replacing) across to the front indicators and headlight units.

The opportunity was taken to start adding in a fuse box as the cars never had one. So far, only the indicators, lights and parking lights are now 'fused' but the intention is to run lines for the other components when time (and weather) allow.

The indicator and front light wiring work (due to access in the garage and the poor weather outside) was finally completed mid February 2013.

The brakes were found to be in need of attention as well, so a full overhaul was carried in April 2013 wih new seals, brake shoes all around and 1 re skimmed brake drum. The opportunity was also taken to fit a new drive shaft and bearings at the drivers side and new shock absorbers all around plus a newt set of Michelin Tyres and Tubes.

A lot of unseen 'bits' have also been changed like the ignition switch and the control screw etc. for the front scuttle air vent as well as the rubber seal for the gear change to stop fumes passing into the cabin. There are just to many bits to list