The Initial Restoration Plan.

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

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OSL 282 was pretty sound body wise (better than me!) given it's nearly 60 years old at the time we started this (not so) small project.

However if left alone, the exterior panels like the door bottoms, boot bottom edge and wings were going to only get worse as there is some corrosion showing

Traction Avant In The WorkshopThe interior really did require all the 'sound proofing' material removing and replacing with more modern materials and the carpets are rotted, all due to water entry in the car.

This is a well known Traction issue as the door seals etc. are not really up to the job, the roof 'gutters' guide the water into the door frame and so down into the footwell so we are going to attempt to stop as much water entry as possible by moddifying the gutters and fitting new seals where we can.

Internally the doors will have a plastic membrane fitted to try and guide the water down to the bottom and out of the drain holes

The door cards are to be replaced with 'plastic', non rot versions, and covered in leather and some door 'pulls' created instead of tugging on the window winders to close them......

The rear seat head pads and rear wheel arches will be recovered in leather, or vinyl and the window frames stripped and re painted to match the interior rather than the original factory blue.

Externally, the wings, bonnet and boot are all coming off, being repaired and the whole car externally will be repainted in 'Super Gloss' Black - RAL 9005.

The door locks are all siezed so some new handles have been obtained to replace those.

All rubber seals will be replaced where possible and marine grade stainless steel fasteners used on the exterior trim parts around the lights, on the wing ends etc. (in case they need to come of in the future)

The intention though is to try and be 'sympathetic' and retain as much of the original look of the car as possible and not detract from the 1930's design by by André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni so no 'Philips' or 'Pozidrive' head fittings, only 'Crosshead' ones (which are available if you search hard enough).

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