Interior before restoration: The Carpets

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

The Carpets

Old Traction Carpets Well the original carpets are looking very tired and rotten

In the image you can see the bulkhead carpet and the one from under the front parcel shelf, both of which have signs of 'water' damage, probably from a leaking air vent in front of the windscreen.

The top carpet is the one from under the parcel shelf (slot is for the handbrake lever)

The bottom one the bulkhead (it's actually upside down in the picture as the accelorator pedal slot should be at the bottom)

Old Traction Carpets I did say previously that the rear pacel shelf carpet was in a mess.

Well this is a view of the reverse side where it's literally attached to rust from the parcel shelf

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