Interior before restoration: Continued

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

Damaged Door PanelThe door panels, made of fibre board, have all been subject to water coming past the poor glass seals and have swelled and buckled so are going to be replaced.

They will be covered with leather from the door cards that came with the car, but which had no holes drilled for the hidden fasteners, plus some additional leather we had to source.

The DashboardThe dashboard paintwork has also 'reacted' to an attempt to re paint it sometime during it's life as well so that is going to be looked at.

The colour will probably be black with a contrast on the ashtray and glovebox to give an 'Art Deco' feel.

Plus the steering wheel has sun and heat damage to the centre boss
Bluemels Steering WheelNow it is a non standard wheel for the car as some has fitted a 'Volant Quillery' wheel to the car at some time in it's past (it was available as an accessory).

It is worth saving and we will look into the best options to do that, but we may yet look for a replacement.

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