Interior Restoration: Sound Proofing and Door Cards

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

29th December 2012

Today I started fitting the rest of the carpets, but as the weather is still against me it was slow going as there isn't a lot of room in the garage. However I managed to get the offside sill area, the floors and the bulkhead completed and started on the offside doors.

I have covered the inner doors with plastic as a water barrier, held in place with black 'Gaffa' tape.

I then put both door cards in position to try and see which of the holes in the cards should be used for the retaining clips, but again, lack of room, meant that the job could not be completed.

30th December 2012

Well I'm not going to get the car finished in 2012 due to the weather, but made some progress today.
Traction Rear Window Repair The rear window was bonded in before I brought the car home from the paint shop so was nicely set and the interior frame could be removed to allow me to attempt a trim to cover the rotted headlining. (to see the original: - Click Here -

I didn't have enough leather left and used a vinyl instead, which would withstand any water that did get in a bit better. It needs a bit of 'tweaking' to tidy it up, but you can see what it's going to end up like.

The rear parcel shelf is also vinyl covered PVC boarding (actually a bit of spare 'soffit' cladding cut to fit) which won't rot either

It's not perfect, but at least it means that the original roof lining can be saved.

I also fitted the rear seats and the rest of the trim around the wheel arches etc. so things are moving on, just not fast enough for me....

31st December 2012

Today I finally finished off the soundproofing and carpets inside the car and hung the interior door panels. The images below show the bare door (on the left) which has had a vibration pad added (and has already been treated with rust protection on the inside.)

Centre image shows the door covered with clear vinyl as a water repellent (although not strictly needed as the door cards are Polypropylene and not 'card', however it will help protect the leather covering)

Right image shows a completed door with a new grab handle and the handles and upper surround fitted. Just got the 0ther 3 to complete now.

Traction door ready for     Traction door water proofed    Traction door interior complete

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