Interior after restoration: Door Locks and Windows

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

Old Alu door tread 17th December 2012 Today some 'unseen' work was done on the cars interior. Along the edge of the sills, where they join to the body is an aluminium cover strip that runs along to conceal it. Underneath that, once chopped out, there was the remains of some old carpet held in place with..... 'nails'

Yes, the carpet was 'nailed' to the inner sill and looking at the amount of pins that required removal and the older holes, it would appear that the car had at least 3 sets of carpets during it's lifetime.

26th December 2012

Old door lock Now that I have the car back at home (24th December) I can take a look at the interior but before starting on that I replaced the nearside rear door lock which, looking at old MOT's, hasn't worked since 2008.

Part of the lock was actually missing (as shown in the image on the right) and wasn't in the door bottom either, so a complete unit was sourced from a Traction Owners Club member and that had arrived on Christmas Eve.

To change that involved removing the window winder and that ended up being a 2 person job to refit as you need more than 2 hands to hold the glass up and relocate the winder rollers into the guide on the glass (deep sigh)

Old window guides I also started replacing the window guides on all 4 doors as they have rotted away.

They aren't the easiest things to get in place and need to be done before the door panels and interior frames are fitted. Rain forced the replacement of those due to lack of room as the car really needs to be outside to get maximum access to the doors.

28th December 2012

Completed fitting the new interior sound proofing today along with the final window seals and the interior trim on the rear wheel arches as we had a dry afternoon and I could work on the car outside.

Below is an image from the Citroen workshop manual showing the areas to be soundproofed. I did the floors, bulkhead on the inside and inside the doors with 'Fatmat' anti vibration, then a layer of compressed fibre insulation on the floors before fitting the carpets.

Traction Avant Sound Proofing Areas

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