Exterior before restoration: Front Wings and Roof

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

28th November 2012 sees the body shell etc. being prepared for the paint shop by flattening back the old paintwork and looking for any defects

In these first 3 images we can see the boot lid, nearside front wing and the bodyshell rear being prepared for filling and removing any existing rust spots.

Traction Big Boot Preparation    Traction Front Wing    Traction Shell Rear

With the wings removed from the car it was apparent that there was more work to do than initially thought.

The Offside front wing has 4 separate splits on the outer edge that were not apparent until it was turned over, these all require welding before any further preparation is carried out.

Also, underneath the trailing end alloy 'finisher', there was a pile of filler (right side image). When the finisher was removed there was an actual hole which will require a 'patch' welding in so will delay the overall body restoration.

Traction offside wing split    Traction offside wing old    

Below we can see images of the shell Nearside (RHD), a close up of the nearside rear doorway which has little or no primer under the black paint and the front of the roof where you can see filler around what appears to be an old opening.

It's not actually an old sunroof opening as some people think, but where Citroën welded a panel in to complete the roof. These days roofs tend to be made out of a single 'pressing', but the Traction was never made that way and we are taking the opportunity to cover the whole panel joint up.

Traction Shell Nearside    Traction Shell Rear Doorway    Traction Shell Front Roof

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