Exterior before restoration: Rear Wings

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

The Rear of the car

Traction Boot Bottom OK now we move on to the exterior.

You can see in this image of the bootlid (rear bumper removed) that there is corrosion and a dent on the bottom edge.

It's not to serious so should be an easy repair.

Traction Nearside rear wing This is a closer image of the nearside rear wing (rear bumper removed) that there is corrosion and a dent on the bottom edge which also looks like it's been caused by a 'bump' to the wing itself

Probably 1 of the 'parking' dings we suspect happened some time ago

Again, it's not to serious, so should be an easy repair.

Holds breath, crosses fingers and toes.......... (eventually in 2015 the rear nearside wing was replaced with an undamaged one)

So on 13th November 2012, the car was taken to the paint shop for a bit of a make over and by Thursday 15th November this is how it looked, stripped of wings, doors, windscreen, bonnet and boot.

In the 1st picture below on the left, you can see that the recently fitted (before we got the car) exhaust down pipe, is hard against the cars frame, transmitting engine noise and vibration into the body. That will be rectified prior to the car being painted.

Traction Shell Offside (RHD)    Traction Shell Rear    Traction Shell Nearside (RHD)

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