Exterior after restoration: Paint Work Completed

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

20th December 2012

The rear wings and boot lid were fitted today along with the headlights (but not wired up). The car requires 'polishing' around the rear window prior to fitting the glass so that was left until the morning.

21st December 2012

The rear window was 'fitted' today. That's a rather loose term as it was actually 'bonded' in using Silkaflex-255 FC. The internal window trim does help retain it though and hopefully after 24 hours when it 'sets' and by using modern windscreen bonding will finally stop water entry.

22nd December 2012

Today the front 'scuttle fresh air vent' was flatted off and polished and it, along with the windscreen were fitted and are the last major components to do. Both are rather 'fiddly' to do and there is not a lot of access to some of the fastenings, but I got there

All that is left now is to fit the windscreen wipers, the rear light covers (new bulbs have yet to turn up from Belgium) and give the car a final polish before it leaves the workshop. The bulbs can be fitted in the garage at home when they eventually arrive.

Hopefully after Christmas (I'm under orders not to even look at the car Christmas day!) work can commence on the interior...............

The car is sat in the paint shop and is covered in dust, but you can see how it is coming on below.

Traction lamps and windscreen fitted    Traction nearside before final polish
I will upload some more images once the car has it's final 'polish' and we can get it outside and into a bit of 'sunshine' (if we ever get any......)

During the rebuild process, where possible, any fasteners below M6 were replaced with A4 Marine Grade stainless steel ones, so they won't corrode in the future. The wing bolts were in pretty good condition so were re used, albeit with a coating of 'copper slip' just in case they ever have to come off again.

24th December 2012

Today I drove the car home after it was given it's final hand wax. There are a few unfinished items, like indicator wiring and new bulbs for the rear lights but there minor points, Oh and the wheels are still to change.

Traction offside after final polish    Traction nearside after final polish    Traction rear after final polish

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