Exterior after restoration: Paint Work Finishing

The Car before work began
The Car after work was done

Powdercoated wheel and Top Hat While the car is in the paint shop (as said previously) I sourced a spare set of wheel rims.

These have been shot blasted to remove all the old paint and rust and 'powder coated' by Northumbria Coatings of Cramlington in Pearlweiss RAL 1013/CM400. I have also sourced and fitted a set of plastic sleeves where the valve comes through the rim from the inner tube in an effort to stop water ingress as the wheels had corrosion on the inside rim as well as the exterior.

The 'Top' Hats (Hub Caps) have similarly been shot blasted and powder coated in Gloss Black and the original chrome plated centres and bolts have been cleaned with 'Autosol' once the car is back on the road it will go to a local garage to have the tyres checked and swapped over

15th December 2012

The wings, front grill etc. have all been painted, flatted back and machine polished, so we managed to fit them to the car today (no headlights, or indicators yet though) along with the bumper which has simply been cleaned with 'Autosol' again.

Rebuilding the Traction Front    Traction Front End Painted and Assembled    Traction Offside Front Painted and Assembled

17th December 2012

Today, whilst the painter was preparing and painting the 4 doors I cleaned the windscreen surround, removed the old outer 'seal' and fitted a new one ready to refit the screen to the car (that alone took the best part of 1.5 hours) however some of the original retaining bolts were in poor condition so some will have to be sourced before refitting the screen to the car.

18th December 2012

Today the doors were put back on the car which was rather tricky as they both haver to be 'hung' at the same time and lined up with the 2 hinge posts. It took 4 of us to do it!

The rear wings and boot are being 'prepared' for painting and so hopefully, are the interior window trims as 1 is required to refit the rear window.

19th December 2012

Today I replaced the door seals, injected Bilt Hambler Dynax S-50 Rust Protection into all the cavities, fitted the exterior door handles, new door mirrors and the bonnet.

The interior trims are all painted so hopefully the rear window can go in next and if the rear wings get painted along with the boot lid most of the final assembly can proceed.

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