Traction Avant Petrol Tank Replacement

Another Reasonably straightforward job.

Ever since we have had the car, when filling the petrol tank there was a strong smell of fuel for some time until the level fell by driving the car so a decision was made to replace the tank.

It is simply held in place under the floor of the car at the rear, under the boot with 2 straps bolted together.

A new one was duly ordered from Fransen's in Belgium along with a new pickup pipe (which proved to be a good idea) as whilst the tanks are the same depth internally, the old pickup pipe was shorter than the new one by 12 cm and was only 17.3cm to the end of the strainer so that means 13.5% of the fuel which = 6.75 litres remained in the tank below the pickup.

With the new pickup there is only 3.75 litres of unusable fuel below the pickup

New Petrol Tank     Old Tank Removed

Once removed it was obvious where the petrol smell was coming from, the joint between the breather and downpipe had failed. There was no way to actually see that with the tank fitted as you can see in the image below as it's right up under the rear seat.

The old tank is quite a bit lighter than the new one and apart from that joint, is in good condition and clean inside and looks to have been galvanised on the outside.

Breather Pipe Joint     New Tank On Car

Potentially I suppose that could be repaired but I don't know how it was originally attached. The new tank has a definite weld where the breather connects with the filler.

The old one may have been soldered or brazed but it's hard to tell. Anyway replacing it meant that the car was only off the road for a couple of hours.

Front Suspension

The next job is to overhaul the front suspension and replace the 'Silentblocs' but that is major work and James Geddes is once again going to do that, probably in April.


Well you can see in the picture on the left below that the nearside one is badly perished with the rubber broken down, the new ones waiting to be fitted are shown on the right. I bought the complete kit including the 4 silentblocs, new splined shafts, shims and bump stops from Jose Fransen. Just waiting for James now.

Perished Suspension Joint     New Suspension Joints

Last Update: 12th April 2016