Initial Restoration Completed?

Well this page is about the completion of the 'Original' Plan but it's not the full story...

So what is original and what has been actually replaced?

All the chrome you can see in the images below was on the car when I bought it apart from 2 interior handle escutcheon plates (badly corroded), 1 window winder handle (broken so replaced), offside front door handle as the lock was seized and the boot handle which was again seized.

All the exterior rubbers on the doors, windscreen, boot etc. have been renewed in an effort to keep water out of the car (well one can live in hope)

Most fasteners, where practicable, were replaced with Stainless Steel to avoid corrosion.

The interior was re trimmed (apart from the roof lining which looks to be the original). All the original 'French' carpets were replaced with a layer of soundproofing (with additional soundproofing applied to the bulkhead and under bonnet where non existed before) and modern 'rot resistant' custom carpets plus the boot was given a rubberised liner coating.

Apart from that, the body, doors, wings, bonnet, wheel rims and boot were simply repaired where required and repainted to try and keep as much originality as possible..

Then all the cavities were treated with Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 anti rust treatment

The Restored Exterior

Traction Front after final polish Traction Nearside after final polish Traction Offside after final polish Traction Offside Front after final polish
Traction Offside (6volt) Engine Bay Traction Boot Re-Trimmed

The Restored Interior

Traction Nearside Front Interior Traction Dashboard Traction Offside Offside Interior Traction Interior Rear Window

Other Unforeseen Restoration works....

A quick check shows we had covered some 1,650 miles in the car since April, at the end of the 'regular' rally season 2013.

Those 1,650 miles have been covered without much incident, apart from 'loosing' a fair bit of oil which appears to be from the front crankshaft seal on the engine so this winter the engine and gearbox are coming out to investigate the 'leak'.

In September 2014 after the The Engine Overhaul we actually drove the car to the 80th Anniversary Rally at La Ferte Vidame in France and covered a total of 1,153 miles on the trip. You can watch a video of the event: - Click Here -

All went well apart from the 6 volt starter motor deciding it had had enough so we ended up changing it for a 12 volt one in the rally field!

Apart from that the car went well.

Starter Motor again!

September 2015 Well not quite a year on from the starter motor problem in France and the replacement I originally sourced failed.

It had been playing up since mid July and it was my own fault for not investigating sooner.

Had to order yet another one, this time an 'exchange' 12 volt one from Traction Owners Club Spares.

Fitted that 11th September and now the car starts again on the push of a button.

23rd October 2019

Decided to take advantage of some 'dry' weather between all the rain before it gets to cold outside as following an oil leak on the Traction, the modified high pressure oil pump was exchanged for a 'standard' one and as the underside had been jet washed to remove all the oily residue that was dripping everywhere, it had left some bare looking areas.

On Saturday some stone chip and under-seal was applied where required, along with some Bilt Hamber Dynax UC wax on the brake pipes etc.

Plus as its 6 years since the original bodywork restoration, today, I re treated all the body 'cavities' and doors again with 1.5 litres of Bilt Hamber Dynax S-50 anti rust treatment.

The car is 67 years old and it's worth a bit of TLC. One has to try and do what one can to slow down bodywork problems on these 'old' cars.

Further Restoration Works, (aren't there always?): Further Work Carried Out >>

Last Update: 23rd October 2019.